Retiring is something we all want to do someday, in the hopes of freeing up our time, away from work, to pursue whatever our heart desires.  But, will we be able to retire? Will the money we’ve saved go the distance with us? Whether retirement is 15 years away, or just around the corner, contact us now, to start the most important planning process of your life!  Retirement Planning

Here are a few key points you should know:

    1.  Wealth Protection Partners’ owner and Retirement Planning Specialist, has multiple licenses, certificates, and comes to the table with 22 years of industry experience, as well as being backed up by a highly experienced team, including a celebrity planner, CPA’s, attorneys, and high-level strategists, all top in their fields.  
    2. This is YOUR retirement, not ours.  It needs to look how YOU want it to look.  We let you draw your own map, we just give you the tools to get to your destination. 
    3. NO cookie cutters.  Are you sick of the old rhetoric?  “Buy term, invest in the market, when you lose money, stay in and ride the wave… you can take out 4% and live on that…” Blah, blah.  Most advisors will shove you into a cookie cutter mold where your money wins and loses with the market, never speaking to you about multiple ways to secure your money… and never having the most important discussion of all:  How to eliminate taxes when you are retired. 
    4. Where you aware that if most of your savings is in IRA / 401k (pre-taxed) money, you will potentially lose up to 85% of your future Social Security check to taxes?  Yup. Come let us help unwind that before it begins.  
    5. Long-term care is very expensive, but may be very necessary.  If you have any health issues at all you won’t even qualify to get it.  How CAN you get it without paying for it? We will tell you.
  • Come see us to discuss how to best set up your retirement plan and eliminate or reduce the main retirement nestegg killers:  TAXATION, MARKET LOSSES, FEES, LONG-TERM CARE.